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If you expected us to be a team of professionals cyclist, we are not. What we certainly are is cyclist an professionals.


We are cyclists, not only because we ride at the weekends with friends, but because we always have chosen our jobs according to whether it was accessible by bicycle. Because we support environmental initiatives. Because when we can’t practice sport we feel lacked of energy... and because if it weren't for the bicycle, we would need another excuse to spend the maximum time outdoors. 

And we are professionals, because we are designers, sociologists and data analysts who have worked developing customer centric projects for leading companies throughout our careers. Due to several personal experiences, some good and others not so much, we’ve dared to create a cycling apparel brand designed and produced in an honest and responsible way.

That's why we've chosen to work taking into account aspects such as employee conditions, energy consumption or asking ourselves the origin of the raw materials we use. One thing we knew from the very beginning was that we would opt for local and artisanal production, because we really believe in close talent. We also believe design should play a leading role: feeling comfortable is as critical as riding dressed according to our lifestyle, in which fashion is always present.

And finally, we'd like to thank Raphael, because everything started the day we found out Raphael has an Uranium Disc, yes uranium, you read that right! “Escándalo, Raphael, 1992."

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Our mision

It's not about how far or how long,
it's all about how much you enjoy.