Pre-orders conditions

How does the pre-order work?

We'll add the stock we currently have in production to our website where you can  purchase it as normal. The only difference is that you will receive your purchase when the factory has finished the production. 

When will I receive my kit?

As it stands, we're forecasting that stock will arrive at the end of May, so shipping will be managed from June 1rst. You will receive your kit with normal shipping conditions from that date. Find here delivery days conditions depending on your location.  

What happens if I buy an item that's in stock at the same time as my pre-ordered kit?

Shipment of your in-stock items will be delayed until your pre-order item is ready for shipping.
To ensure faster delivery of your in-stock items, we recommend making two separate orders - one for your pre-order items and one for your in-stock items.  

Will I still have the right to return or exchange items bought on pre-order?

Yes. Our usual returns and exchange policy will apply.